Fulcrum Investing is a family office dedicated to the advancement and assistance of start-up companies and the entrepreneurial community. We are a young, open minded company that works hard to understand each company and industry. Fulcrum Investing does not discriminate between industries or service lines but sees new opportunities for learning and growth in those we have not yet invested in. Fulcrum invests in Seed through Series B start-ups nationwide for up to $100,000 dollars. Those companies will need to have a strong vision and plans behind their culture, technology, marketing, finances, and team. We know that not all companies will have these qualities, but those we invest in are willing to do the work to achieve them. We are also not afraid to invest in subsequent rounds of funding for companies in which we have previously invested.


Fulcrum Investing deploys a unique and effective diligence model that helps illuminate bias and lengthy decision timelines. Our process takes 30 to 45 days to complete and consists of multiple conversations with individual area experts that help eliminate bias and subjectivity in the final decision of investment.


Fulcrum Investing does more than just provide investment money. Our main goal is to advance the start-up community and companies; to that end, Fulcrum makes available a wide range of additional services including but not limited to a fractional Chief Operating Officer, financial consulting, culture and team development coaching, executive mentorships, and a hiring and management tool beyond those you may have worked with before. We are dedicated to your success in the short- and long-term.


Let us know what you are working on.